EMOPAY celebrates 1st Anniversary of EMOCOIN

EMOPAY celebrates 1st Anniversary of EMOCOIN

New Delhi, June 11, 2022. On completion of one year of the EMOCOIN movement, which is inspiring thousands of people the world over, a grand gala function was organised at Hyatt Centric, Janakpuri, New Delhi. Emocoin is gradually becoming familiar with those who are in search of a platform that can lift them up financially though logically and technically. The growth of EMOCOIN is the growth of its participants. As the world hurtles towards digital currency, the spotlight was once again on the role of EMOCOIN. EMOPAY team has taken a pledge to continue financially empowering the people and this commitment was substantiated by the way people queued at the registration desk to be a part of the 1st Anniversary celebration.  Over 350 people including the general public along with EMOPAY sales and marketing teams; promoters; their families and friends were present on this colourful occasion.

The participants were given a warm welcome at the entrance where they were clicked at a photo booth that displayed ‘I Love EMOPAY’ besides a Media Booth to cover the event.  An international violin artist from Ukraine at the hall entrance gave a scintillating performance. The entire hall sparkled with LED contents and light music played making the environment vibrant.  Twinkle Sanghi, the Emcee, kept on welcoming the guest in a radiant way. 

The programme started in a traditional manner with ‘Diya Lighting’ by the main officials followed by Ganesh Vandana. The next to come was the ‘Cake cutting’ ceremony performed by the main officials on the huge stage. “Commitments under the reform programme should be made in an equitable way among all” was probably the preamble of this event.  Shri Vaibhav Singh was the first speaker to hold the mike and declare the launch of NFT and Metapords. While speaking, Vaibhav revealed data that says that an Indian bringing in a monthly wage of Rs.25,000 is among the top 10 percent of earners based on a report by the Institute for Competitiveness Finds. He further quoted that if a meagre amount of Rs.25,000 per month comes in the top 10 percentile, then the bottom-most condition cannot be imagined. He persuaded the audience to clearly understand the concept of EMOCOIN which can make them enjoy their future life where they can feel their dreams coming true.

Talking about the EMO journey with leaders, Shri Harshit Juneja and Shri Shubham Sharma shared their experiences, learnings, future goal, and ups and downs. The audience gave apt attention and praised the word for them. Taking in his fold situation of India, Harshit said that India stands out as a poor and very unequal country, with an affluent elite.  Requoting Vaibhav he said that the pandemic and lockdowns have pushed a common man into the poverty abyss. I have seen people who cannot even buy the 1 kg of rice that they love each day. Substantiating the claims, Shubham Sharma said that he can never imagine that amount. He said that people generally do not have any base for additional income. Their capital of labour is diminishing as they age. The speakers made the concept of EMOCOIN crystal clear to the audience and the first timers.

Shri Sachiin Sharma, while speaking on the occasion made some important announcements. “We are a progressive platform and for consistent progress, we are always agile in dealing with our roadmap.”  Speaking further he showed an edgy image of Lucky Mascot (EMO) which shall be officially launched after a curtain raiser programme soon. He explained EmoSwap (Peer to Peer) plan and also declared about the Listing of Emocoin on Exchange Digifinex (Singapore) in the ongoing month of June 2022. The next announcement on the EmoVerse Roadmap was the commencement of booking of flights, hotels, buses, trains, and fast and metro cards in India, in July 2022.  Sachiin said that August 2022 will see pre-sales start for EmoVally (Decentralized Mixed Reality Real Estate Project) and ‘Lucky 7’ a game. For the poker game enthusiasts, they will not have to wait longer as September 2022 will see the launch of Game Poker.  The festival season beginning in October will see the launch of the purchase of Gift Coupons.  End of the year, i.e., December 2022 will have a blast with NFT Marketplace.

Sachiin Sharma also disclosed the achievements made during this short span of one year wherein he revealed that 500M EMOCOINs were sold, there is a user base of 33000+, Staked Coins numbered 370 Million EMOs and there were more than 1M transactions.  “These achievements are highly motivating,” Sachiin said and further told that their upcoming target is selling 6 Billion EMOCOINs with a user base of 200000 and Staked Coins rising to 5B EMOs.

The speech session was followed by Award Ceremony. The ‘Youngest EMOian’ award was a mobile given to one winner.  This was followed by ‘Rising Star’ awards comprising Trophy and a Smartwatch. There were 8 winners in this category.  Three enthusiasts won the ‘Best Debut’ award comprising Trophy and a Smartwatch.  The next category was the ‘Social Media Star’ award comprised Trophy and a Smartwatch and had three winners.  Eleven EMOians won the ‘Dedicated EMOian’ award that comprised combos of Trophy and a Watch; Trophy and a Mobile, Trophy, Watch and a Car. ‘Hall of Fame’ award category comprised Trophy and Watch. There were 3 winners in this category. Four winners grabbed the ‘Dynamic Leader’ award that comprises combos of Trophy and Watch; Trophy, Watch, and iPhone.  ‘All Round Performer' award was a combo of Trophy and Watch; Trophy Watch and Towel. There were 2 winners in this category.  ‘Performer of the Year’ award winner was presented with a trophy and MacBook Air. Lastly, the ‘Par Excellence’ award category comprised combos of Trophy and Watch; Trophy and Toyota Fortuner; Trophy and Car.  This category saw three winners.

The audience had loud applause for the winners. This session was a highly inspiring concluding part of the event made the audience mesmerized by live performances by various artists from India and abroad.  The Russian artist performed Tanoura (Sufi) dance while the Egyptian Artist Group presented Egyptian Dance.  An Indian artist presented a spellbound show of Water and Light Drumming followed by All Three Together. Ankesh Jha, the main lead singer, and his team made a marvelous show ‘Mix Tape Band’.  The audience enjoyed the super performances by the presenters.

A delicious and sumptuous dinner was served that was enjoyed by all.  While leaving, the participants were presented with ‘EMOPAY GIFT HAMPERS’. Overall, it was a highly successful celebration and a meaningful event.

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