EMOPAY emphasis on EMO Awareness Program

 From the Desk of EMOPAY CEO

EMOVerse Ecosystem is being developed keeping the future solutions to current issues with financial and cryptocurrency sectors in mind. EMOCOIN can be treated as Digital Gold with features of Currency build on cryptography, peer to peer and cutting edge Blockchain technology. We are Government friendly and EMOCOIN can be treated as currency globally.

We are focusing on empowering every individual to participate in decentralized economy to conduct trusted, anonymous and secured transactions globally. We are focusing on making EMOCOIN every individual’s need by creating entire EMOVerse Ecosystem around EMOCOIN.

Important Facts and Figures

Total No. Of EMOian’s : 55800+

Total Staked EMO : 840 Million

Total Transactions : 7.8 million

Business Volume : 10 Billion EMO or $ 77 Million

Latest Updates

1. As the first phase of EMO Blockchain is going to be released, we request all Emoian’s to shift their EMO’s from Digifinex Exchange and move these to their Tron Wallet as soon as possible. As per their balance on Tron wallet, their funds will be issued on EMOPAY wallet.

2. EMOPay is continuously working for growth of every EMOian and in that process education of the community plays a very vital role. We are starting with the EMO Awareness Program for the old Emoian’s who are not active. We would like you guys to participate actively in building the community. It will eventually help the entire community in the long run. Sessions will be conducted, both Online or Offline, as per your convenience.

3. P2P buying of EMOs is running successfully.  We want every EMOian to connect directly with the EMOpay to sell their EMOs. We would request all non-active members not to disturb any individual or promoter for the same as they are the one helping all of us to grow your valuation, creating demand and liquidity for the community.

4. We are again informing you that our Decentralized Banks are purchasing the EMO’s as per the demand and liquidity created in the market. We are continuously striving for excellence and we would require at least 6 months to streamline the whole P2P swap procedure and layout the structure of acceptance of EMO globally.

5. Correction of Email in your user id is under process, once it is done, you all will be intimated to update your email ids in your respective ids.

It is just the beginning, we are eager to develop the trusted, transparent and decentralized EMOVerse ecosystem around EMO. 

We will keep you posted with all Development & Marketing updates in the near future. Please don’t forget to follow all our social media handles so that you don’t miss any update and remain timely updated.

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