From the Desk of EMOPAY CEO, Happy New Year to all EMOian's


From the Desk of EMOPAY CEO

Happy New Year to all EMOian's,

EMO is working for the economic welfare of community. Its main agenda is to provide a solution to fight against the Inflation.

In order to automate the process of Selling EMO’s, Development Team at EMO Dao has taken a revolutionary step by laying the foundation of Decentralized Banks on the platform of EMOPAY. This will solve the problem of community for Selling EMO’s as most EMOian’s are not able to find the buyers. These banks will buy EMOs in Local Currency as of now and USDT on later stages.

This facility is under testing stage at the development team’s end and is most likely to start the services from 10th January 2023 for the entire community.

EMOian’s can sell minimum lot of 1000 EMO’s to a maximum of 50000 EMO’s in one bid. For selling EMO’s, the users have to update their UPI address for deposit of amount into their respective Bank Accounts.

Only these banks can see your bids and will purchase your EMO’s by depositing amount into your bank accounts.

Initially, this P2P swap will be for testing purpose so that the community can completely understand the entire process. EMOian’s have to maintain their patience as the purchasing of EMO’s totally depends on the demand of the market and liquidity of the funds with the banks.

However, we assure you that with the help of your support; the hiccups in selling of EMO’s will entirely be solved within the next 5-6 months’ period and will definitely win trust of our holders.

We express our thanks to all EMOian’s for their cooperation extended towards EMO in this development stage and we promise to deliver the best Decentralised Ecosystem to our community in the future.

We will keep you posted with all Development & Marketing updates in the near future. Please don’t forget to follow all our social media handles so that you don’t miss any update and remain timely updated.

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