EMOVerse Unveils a Milestone Initiative: Introducing the EMOian Earning Security Act.

In an unwavering commitment to the people, by the people, EMO DAO has diligently worked towards the creation of EMOVerse, a platform enhancing EMO's usability on a global scale. The initial two years were dedicated to understanding the nuances of digital currency and developing a platform that embodies transparency, decentralization, and security for our valued community members.

Gratitude to Stakeholders

EMO DAO expresses sincere gratitude to its stakeholders for their belief and patience during the two-year development phase. As development continues, it's now time to reciprocate the trust of EMO stakeholders. The focus is set on fostering the growth of EMOVerse with the community's progress as a key objective.

Introducing the EMOian Earning Security Act

With a vision to provide long-term benefits to stakeholders, EMOVerse introduces the EMOian Earning Security Act. This groundbreaking initiative ensures that stakeholders continue to enjoy returns for their association with EMOVerse. 

EMO: A Currency with Purpose

EMO, a versatile digital currency, facilitates peer-to-peer transfers and enables the purchase of products and services within EMOVerse.

EMOVerse Privilege Clubs

The community is categorized into four exclusive privilege clubs:

1. *EMO Stakeholders - Gold Member*

2. *EMOVerse Business - Sapphire Member*

3. *EMO Promoter - Platinum Member*

4. *EMO Senior Promoters - Diamond Members*

Rules and Benefits

- Stake 1000 EMO in the Staking Program to receive 1 share of the EMOVerse Privilege Program.

- A limited issuance of 30,00,000 shares will be available on a first-come, first-served basis in the initial phase.

- Quarterly dividends will be distributed based on profits generated by EMOVerse businesses.

Privilege Clubs in Detail

1. Gold Members:

   - New members can buy 1 to 100 shares.

   - Existing EMOPay users can hold a maximum of 2100 shares.

   - Quarterly dividends continue as long as the staking amount is active.

   - Personalized dashboards provide detailed earning insights.

2. Sapphire Members:

   - Businesses accepting EMO as partial payment are part of this community.

   - Provided with CRM software to analyze business through the EMO community.

   - A portion of the business amount is shared through the EMO community for marketing and EMOVerse growth.

3. Platinum Members:

   - Designed for EMO Staking promoters.

   - Requirement to sell at least 1,50,000 EMOs for staking monthly.

   - Quarterly dividends at 100% for the first three months, decreasing to 50% for the next three months if sales targets aren't met.

4. Diamond Members:

   - Exclusive for mentors and leaders guiding teams.

   - Requires membership in the Platinum Club.

   - Qualify 7 members into the Platinum Club monthly for eligibility.

   - Dividend distribution based on their contribution to the growth of the EMOVerse Privilege Club.

With the EMOian Earning Security Act, EMOVerse is not just reshaping digital currency; it's pioneering a community-centric financial ecosystem.

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