FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : Emopay Unveils Exciting New Updated Program to Revolutionize Experience

UAE, Dubai,  24th October] – [Emopay], a leading Digital Currency institution, is thrilled to announce the upcoming launch of its highly anticipated, innovative and updated program to transform how customers engage with their finances. This groundbreaking update reaffirms Emopay's commitment to delivering excellence in the Digital Currency Space and coming up with lots of new initiatives.

With the world rapidly advancing in the digital age, Emopay recognizes the importance of adapting to the evolving needs of its customers. The new program is designed to offer a seamless and enhanced banking experience, focusing on convenience, accessibility, and customer-centric features.

EMO Bank and EMOPay's old Versions will merge 

The existing user has to Sign Up again on the new version and create a wallet address.

Existing users EMO’s will be transferred to the New Version of EMOPAY with new staking from the backend as per the request. User has to fill out the Google form and follow the instructions for the same.

Key Updates of the Upcoming EMOPAY 2.0 Program:

EMOPAY Staking Program 4.0

The New Staking program starts on the new version of EMOPAY

Users can choose from the following Plans for Staking.

Minimum Amount 1000 EMO for staking 

540 days - 1.5% Monthly Rewards

1080 days - 2% Monthly Rewards  

1800 days -  3% Monthly Rewards

2520 days - 4% Monthly Rewards

3600 days -  5% Monthly Rewards

For Staking Rewards: Open your ID and click the claim button to receive a daily reward bonus.

To keep the community involved and interested in the digital currency, a user has to log in with EMOPAY ID everyday and click on the Claim button on the dashboard to receive his daily staking returns. If any day, user forgets to click the button, user will receive 50% of the value as a reward.

P2P Transfers to Users
This much-awaited feature will be back in function with certain algorithms and monthly user limits. This will help in increasing the community of EMO Wallet holders and will continue until we reach 2 million users. The user has to follow these steps to Open the Pay to User and P2P facility in local currency.

Create an EMO Wallet and Purchase EMO from EMO Community
- Refer 3 people using there referral link.
- Help these referral to buying EMO from the community.

Congratulations, you are now eligible to transfer EMO to other Users and a P2P swap in local currency will also open once it is live. This condition is temporarily on Limited monthly restrictions and increases accordingly. 

Generate EMPLOYEE Code
Those EMOians who want to work and help the community to increase its strength can generate their Employee code and this helps them to generate income for themselves too.
For this, they have to raise a working code request on the my business page at

Cutting-Edge Security: Emopay is dedicated to ensuring the highest level of security for its customers' financial information. The updated program will feature state-of-the-art security measures to protect against fraud and cyber threats.

EmoBank and EMOPAY are going to merge.

Personalized Financial Insights
Customers will have access to in-depth financial analysis and recommendations, empowering them to make informed decisions about their money.

Your funds are 100% safe. 

The principal amount of EMOPAY and EMO bank will automatically transfer to the new version. The staked amount will be staked and the Emopay wallet amount will be in Emo wallet (These conditions are applied on every emoians).

Digital Account Management
Account management is easier than ever with online account opening, More Security, and seamless fund transfers between accounts.

Peer to peer: transfer of emo will start with certain conditions with certain limit

Customer Support 
Emopay remains dedicated to providing top-tier customer service. The updated program includes improved customer support channels, including live chat and more responsive email services.

New referral scheme (Join 3 people)

Emopay recognizes the importance of staying ahead of the curve in an ever-changing financial landscape. This new program represents a significant step towards modernizing the banking experience, ensuring that customers can effortlessly manage their finances from the palm of their hand.

Every emoians needs to sign up again

Emopay, CEO expressed enthusiasm about the Updated launch: "We're thrilled to introduce this new program to our customers. It's been carefully crafted with their needs in mind, and we believe it will set a new standard for Fintech convenience and security."

Emopay Roadmap till December 2025

Roadmap till December 2023
EMOPAY 2.0 - November 2023
EMO Staking Program 4.0 - November 2023
Online payment Gateway - December 2023
P2P Selling of EMO in Local Currency on EMOPAY 2.0 - December 2023

Roadmap till 2025 
EMO Blockchain (1st Phase)
EMOSwap (Decentralized Exchange)
Online Website Accepting EMO (10000+ Websites)

The launch of this exciting program is scheduled for 01-11-2023. Emopay encourages its valued customers and the broader community to join in this journey towards a more convenient and secure experience.

For more information, follow our social medias, visit our website at Emopay or contact our media relations team at .

About Emocoin:
Emopay is a renowned financial institution dedicated to providing exceptional services to its customers. With a history of innovation and a commitment to customer satisfaction Emocoin continues to lead the way in the financial industry.

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