Introducing the EMOian Principal Protection Act, 2024 (EPPA): Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

In a landmark move to secure the financial interests of the EMO Community, the Republic of EMO proudly presents the EMOian Principal Protection Act, 2024 (EPPA). This groundbreaking legislation aims to fortify the funds of our community members engaging in the partially transferable economy of EMOCOIN.

EMO: The Safest Currency in the World

At the core of EPPA lies the commitment to ensuring that EMO remains the safest currency globally. As we navigate the realm of digital finance, protecting the principal amount of our community becomes a paramount objective.

Community Protection Act

EMO is community-driven Digital Currency run by the people holding EMO. Nobody owns the ownership of EMO. Its 100% transparent and decentralized currency. Everyone holding EMO’s are the real owner of their holding.

It is an attempt of Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO) where no single individual holds the decision-making power but the whole community makes a particular decision through the process of Voting.

This is new act introduced by Community of EMO. Some community member tries to disturb the working community. It clearly says, if any EMOian tries to give threat calls to any other Community member, give threat of filing a Local police complaint or Legal notice or creating negativity, spreading false news or man handling the community member. They are trying to be against EMO and wants to stop the operations of EMO by disturbing community and creating hinderance in the business. It’s a decentralized currency and no single person holds the funds and runs peer to peer. 

As per the voting done in the community on 29th October 2023 with 90% positive voting, that person will be help responsible for clearing all the investment of entire community. He will suffer all the loss as the panic is created by him only.

Terms and Conditions:

1. Exclusive to EMOPAY 2.0 Staking: The EMOian Principal Protection Act applies exclusively to staking on EMOPAY 2.0, ensuring the security of your investments.

2. Application via e57lmm766620kol: EPPA is activated through staking EMO via the designated wallet address, e57lmm766620kol.

3. Minimum 3-Year Locking Period: Activating EPPA requires a minimum locking period of three years, offering stability and long-term protection.

4. Protection of Principal Fiat Amount: The Republic of EMO pledges to safeguard the principal fiat currency amount of our community members.

5. Withdrawal Conditions: Any re-staking or transfer of EMO to the wallet address e3qwh564108fn6j will be treated as a withdrawal of the principal amount.

6. Withdrawals in Cash: Utilizing decentralized banks for cash withdrawals will be deemed as a withdrawal of the principal amount.

7. Option for Principal Return: After three years, users dissatisfied with the economic growth can return the Principal Staked EMO, purchased through the designated wallet address (point 2). This amount will be considered the initially invested principal.

8. Disposition of Remaining EMO: For the remainder of the EMO, users can either engage in P2P sales or use it for purchasing products and services.

9. Exclusion of P2P Purchases: EMOs acquired through P2P transactions will not fall under the protection of EPPA.

The Republic of EMO, committed to financial transparency and security, welcomes EMOians to embrace the EMOian Principal Protection Act, fostering trust and confidence in the dynamic world of digital currency.

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