From the Desk of EMOPAY CEO Happy 1st Anniversary of Emopay to all EMOians


EMO is community driven cryptocurrency continuously working for the betterment of the community.

Update on Development

1. P2P Bids not sold will get automatically cancelled in 72 hours and your EMO will be refunded. You can place your bids again according to your desired price. Your funds are 100% secure, nothing to worry.

2. EMO buying from USDT is now Live on  The procedure will be made known to you.

3. First Phase of Blockchain will be Live by the end of March 2023.

4. Keeping the future EMOPAY development in mind, same email ids cannot be used for multiple accounts. Those who were using the same email id for multiple accounts, their email id section is getting blank. Once the whole process is done, then you can update your email id. It is a 10-15 days process and once things are sorted, then you will receive information to update your email id again.

Update on Sales and Marketing

In terms of Sales, we have completely shifted our Income Distribution Process keeping future Growth of EMOian’s in Mind. Now the teams can start their hiring process and individual (General Sales Executive) can refer under their code, to increase the community and create the demand of EMO.

Acceptance of EMO through EMOPAY, both offline and online, will start once the blockchain is integrated.

We are committed to give best possible decentralized solution to our EMOian’s.

We will keep you posted with all Development & Marketing updates regularly. Please don’t forget to follow all our social media handles so that you don’t miss any update and remain timely updated.


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