Primary Step to Secure EMOian's


From the Desk of EMOPAY CEO

EMO is continuously working to provide the best solution to fight against Price Inflation. It is one of the major financial issues which every person is facing globally. Our development team is working for the best possible decentralized solution to the entire problem.

Apart from continuous improvement in the development, it is our responsibility to secure our interest and maintain consistent growth of the holders. We would like our holders to support us in all the strict actions or decisions we take.  It is for their own personal benefits keeping the future of the community in mind.

We have found that some notorious community members were involved in theft, frauds who were trying to devaluate the price by selling those free EMO’s at cheaper price. This was leading to demotivation of the employees who were day and night working hard in promoting EMOs for the community benefits. It was also causing the delay in development of the products. We don’t want rest of the whole community to suffer just because of few members. 

In order to stop such activities and to make the EMOian’s understand the correct procedure, P2P transfer of EMO by an individual is temporarily deactivated till further notice. Instead of sending EMO from Wallet to Wallet, you can place bids to sell your EMO at your desired price in Local fiat currency.

Authorized Banks are purchasing the EMO’s as per the demand created in the market and liquidity they are having. We are continuously striving for excellence and we would require at least 6 months to streamline the whole P2P swap procedure and layout the structure of acceptance of EMO globally.

We will keep you posted with all Development & Marketing updates in the near future. Please don’t forget to follow all our social media handles so that you don’t miss any update and remain timely updated.


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