EMOPAY Continues to Strive for Excellence in the Decentralized Blockchain Industry


We would like to share some important updates for our Emoians community

1. Remove your funds from DigiFinex asap

First Phase of EMO Blockchain will be ‘Live’ by mid of this year 2023. We would request all Emoians to transfer their EMO’s from DigiFinex Exchange to their TronWallet asap. EMO’s on Tronwallet will be issued to users on their EMOPAY Wallet.

2. Proving Financial Stability to the Community through P2P Swap

Since 12th January 2023,

EMO Purchased through P2P Swap - 2.3 million

EMO Purchased worth - $ 18000/-

Total Transactions - 500

It’s just the beginning, the volume of buying EMO will definitely increase in the near future. We would recommend you all to sell small numbers of EMO’s and don’t place multiple bids as it is not doing any favour to you.

Initially, we are trying to buy maximum number of bids from maximum number of IDs without repetition, amount of bids also doesn’t matter in this scenario. Decentralized Banks are purchasing the EMO’s as per the Demand and Liquidity they have created in the market.

We are continuously striving for excellence and we would require at least 6 months to streamline the whole P2P swap procedure and layout the structure of acceptance of EMO globally.

3. Updation of Email Id’s

Since the blockchain is coming soon, from 7th March 2023 onwards you can start updating your email IDs from your “My Accounts Section” in www.emopay.org. Only IDs with no email IDs can update their emails and it cannot be edited once updated. We would request you all to be careful while updating.

We are committed to develop the most trusted, transparent and decentralized EMOVerse ecosystem around EMO. 

We will keep you posted with all Development & Marketing updates in the near future. Please don’t forget to follow all our social media handles so that you don’t miss any update and remain timely updated.


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