60% Annual Returns of Staking Ends Soon.

EMOPAY is building the entire Ecosystem around EMOCOIN regarding its acceptance. EMOCOIN can be treated as Digital Gold with features of Currency built on cryptography, peer-to-peer and cutting-edge Blockchain technology.

Important Facts and Figures (as of 25th May 2023):

Total No. Of EMOian’s: 89k+ users

Total Staked EMO: 936 Million

Total Transactions: 11 Millions+

EMO P2P Purchased by Decentralized Banks

4.30 Millions EMO worth $ 36k+ in last 4 months

Latest Updates about EMOPAY

1. 3rd Phase of staking ends by the end of this year, which means we have only a few months to invest and earn 60% annual returns for the next 5 years.

4th Phase of Staking will start after the end of phase 3 and you will again notice a drop in the Interest Rate of Staking.

2. We are currently working on increasing the number of users of EMOPAY. We can introduce blockchain only when we have at least 200,000 EMO holders with minimum investments to optimise the cost of the blockchain fees for verifying the transactions.

3. After blockchain, we will be moving ahead with the usability of EMO and would be registering local shop vendors for acceptance of EMO. 

4. We will concentrate more on EMOPAY Mobile Applications and move the whole interface from the web to mobile applications. 

5. Currently, the Referral model is the source of increasing the users of EMOPAY but once the acceptance of EMO will start, we will shift our focus from Referral to Mass Penetration into the Global Market and it will give the real asset growth of our stakeholders and will help in cashing out their holdings too.

6. EMO Foundation was successfully launched on 22nd April 2023. Since then, EMOIANs are distributing food to the weaker section of society every Saturday and helping spread happiness on their faces. EMO Foundation is part of EMOVerse, we are trying to Decentralize Charity and will help EMOIAN increase its valuation through this Noble Cause.

We will keep you posted with all Development & Marketing updates shortly. Please don’t forget to follow all our social media handles so that you don’t miss any update and is timely updated.

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