Shoparazi: Your Pocket-Friendly Shopping Partner with a Purpose.


In a world where costs seem to climb endlessly, Shoparazi, an online shopping destination, is stepping up to make a difference. Operating through WhatsApp for now, they're gearing up to launch their website by the end of the year. With a mission to offer affordable shopping solutions in the face of rising prices, Shoparazi is also teaming up with the community to bring about positive change.

Taking on High Prices

We've all felt the pinch of rising prices on our wallets. Shoparazi understands this struggle and wants to help. They believe that even small efforts can have a big impact on combating high prices. By offering products at reasonable rates, Shoparazi aims to make shopping more budget-friendly for everyone.

Joining Hands for Change

Shoparazi's mission aligns with a bigger movement focused on rethinking our spending habits. They're excited to be part of this change and want to make shopping not just about spending but about making thoughtful choices. By collaborating with this movement, Shoparazi is working to not only reshape shopping but also contribute to the well-being of the community.

Starting with Groceries and Dreaming Big

Shoparazi is kicking off their journey by focusing on groceries. However, they're dreaming big and planning to expand their product range once their website is live. Their goal is to become your one-stop shop for everything you need.

A Fresh Approach to Payments

When it comes to paying, Shoparazi is introducing a new way. They're going to let you use a digital payment method that adds convenience to your shopping experience.

From local to nationwide

While Shoparazi is currently catering to Delhi/NCR, their aspirations don't end there. They're determined to make affordable shopping accessible to people across the entire country.

Key Features to Note

- Minimum Order ₹1000/-: Making your money go further.

- Easy Pickup Options: Collect your orders from nearby spots.
- Wide Variety of Groceries: They've got your grocery needs covered.
- Great Deals and Offers: Showcasing the best bargains available.
- Prices Below Market Rates: Ensuring you save compared to regular prices.
- ₹ 40/- Service Charge: A small fee for excellent service.
- 48-hour Delivery Commitment: You'll receive your orders within 48 hours.

Join the Movement

Shoparazi is extending an invitation to join their effort to make shopping affordable and hassle-free. By choosing Shoparazi, you're not only getting great deals but also contributing to the goal of accessible shopping for all. And now, you can buy stuff via Emocoins, the Emocoin digital currency partner of Shoparazi, adding even more convenience and flexibility to your shopping experience.


Amidst the backdrop of rising costs, Shoparazi stands as a beacon of affordable shopping. With their upcoming website launch, expanded product offerings, and commitment to a more conscious approach to shopping, Shoparazi is more than just an online store. It's a partner of Emocoin, in the fight against inflated prices, eagerly ready to serve you while championing the belief that everyone deserves affordable shopping options.

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