3 Ultimate Cryptos to Hold Until 2025 🤑💰❗

With the next few years in crypto set to be very bullish, we all want to find the Top Cryptos to buy now in order to set ourselves up well for 2025.

This LONG bear market has meant lower and lower prices for over a year. But it’s also an opportunity. Investors with new money get a fresh start and can find projects that can yield 10x or more. And all at discounts to 18 months ago.

We’ve seen a slight recovery in the market this year. And most cryptos offer a good entry point if you want to hold until 2025. So, 2024 and 2025 will most likely be bullish years for the industry and I’ll tell you why.

The next Bitcoin halving will take place in 2024. This will decrease the supply and increase the demand for Bitcoin. And increase the value of the general crypto market.

 The Federal Reserve could soften its monetary policies later on. This will stimulate ‘risk-on’ assets like cryptocurrencies. 

CBDCs are gaining popularity. We’ll most likely see more countries adopt CBDCs. This can further legitimize cryptocurrencies. And increased demand for digital assets. It can also result in better regulatory support for the crypto market. 

Having said that, we’ve researched 3 top projects that are worth holding until 2025.

1) Bitcoin

A lot is going on in the Bitcoin community. And BTC remains one of the top cryptocurrencies to buy this year. Without a doubt, Bitcoin controls the temperature of the market. This means the market flows in the direction of BTC’s price. So, why should you hold Bitcoin? Here are two reasons:

Adoption Level

We’ve seen the value of Bitcoin surge over the last decade. Besides, some countries have now recognized Bitcoin. We’ve also seen an increase in institutional adoption of Bitcoin. 

Large corporations and hedge funds have also jumped on the Bitcoin bandwagon. And not only Microstrategy either.

Bitcoin Halving

As I said earlier, the Bitcoin halving is coming soon. And this will affect its price. Bitcoin’s fourth halving event happens every 210,000 blocks. This happens around every four years. The next halving event will most likely happen around May 4, 2024. This is when Bitcoin reaches 840,000 blocks.

Bitcoin’s use cases include payment and store of value.

This is one of the reasons why BTC is a long-term bet. Bitcoin has the largest market cap. It is also accepted for payment online and offline. Many people see Bitcoin as a safe haven from the banking crisis going on in Europe and the US. So both demand and price are bound to increase.

Cryptocurrencies are generally volatile. So, sticking to the first and most valuable makes sense as a long-term hold.

2) Polygon

Polygon is a popular choice among developers because of its speed and cheap fees. So, this chain can process up to 65,000 transactions per second on a single side chain. Polygon’s popularity among developers gives it massive long-term potential. Also, Polygon’s technology-first approach could do well in a bull market.

As a result, the project could grow tenfold by 2025. Polygon is the layer-2 to consider for people interested in pure technology.  

Polygon’s focus on interoperability is another huge reason to invest in it. Polygon works to improve interoperability between Ethereum-compatible blockchains. It does this by supporting different scaling solutions, such as:

Matic Plasma.

ZK Rollups. 

Optimistic Rollups. 

Validum Chains.

ZK-EVM, the Holy Grail Infrastructure

Polygon recently launched zk-EVM, its breakthrough infrastructure. This launch is one big reason for the recent growth of Polygon. Developers can leverage Ethereum’s effects thanks to this launch.

3) Cosmos

Our last token might come as a bit of a surprise. The price of Cosmos can be very volatile. But isn’t that all cryptocurrencies? Cosmos has good long-term potential. Since its launch, Cosmos (ATOM) has performed pretty well. In January 2022, ATOM hit its all-time high at $44. Things went a bit south from there. 

But, ATOM has generated a 170% ROI since June 2022 at its bear market low. That’s better than other cryptocurrencies. So, Cosmos is the current leader in Layer 0 protocols. These are protocols that let you build your own interoperable blockchain. New chains are coming online on Cosmos every week. Now let’s talk about why ATOM is a good long-term hold.

a) Increasing Demand for IBC.

IBC stands for “Inter-Blockchain Communication Protocol.” IBC is a way to send information between different blockchain networks. So, cross-chain communication is a big problem in blockchain, and IBC helps address this. The primary IBC users are in Cosmos. Several projects have shown interest in exploring IBC.

More projects will integrate with Cosmos. So, the value of the ATOM token will likely increase.

b) Replicated Security

This is the first version of Cosmos’s Interchain Security (ICS) feature. It will allow blockchains to share validation resources for improved security.

This new implementation will allow other chains to enjoy liquidity in Cosmos. 4 The anticipated launch of native USDC on Cosmos will improve liquidity on Cosmos. No more reliance on bridges or wrapped versions.

From all indications, ATOM has the potential to increase in the coming years.

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