Emo network is celebrating two years of the Highly Adaptive and Sustainable decentralized ecosystem of Emocoin.

We are Emoians with pride.

All EMOians have a Happy second anniversary!

Congratulations to everyone who has successfully used EMOCOIN for two years! I want to thank all my gratitude to all the holders for their belief and trust in the decentralisation concept. We also praise all of the holders who showed patience in the first phase of technological development to come to a finish so that the currency's original holders could receive the greatest possible benefits.

EMOCOIN focuses on empowering every individual to participate in a decentralised economy to conduct trusted, anonymous, and secure transactions globally.

We, as EMOPAY, are focusing on making EMOCOIN meet every individual's needs by creating an entire EMOVerse ecosystem around EMOCOIN.

 EMOCOIN will help the community fight against inflation with consistent growth, increasing valuation, stability from high price volatility, reduction of fees, creating income or employment, building trust among holders, and continuously improving technology for the betterment of the community.

Important Facts and Figures (as of June 11, 2023):

Total number of EMOians: 90,000+

Total Staked EMO: 97 Millions

Total Transactions: 12 Million+

Business Volume: 10.5 Billions EMO, or $90 Millions

EMO P2P is purchased by decentralised banks.

5.5 million EMO worth $48,000 in the last 4 months

This journey of 2 years has been outstanding and exciting, just like the roller coaster ride, with lots of ups and downs, challenges, and hurdles. Learning a lot of new things in the financial market and strategically planning the future technology development process of the currency, which covers almost all the negative aspects of the current financial system, will help EMO become the most trustworthy and tradable currency in the next 5 years.

We have been constantly growing and consistently performing for the last two years. Upcoming technology development and marketing programmes in the third year will change the mindset of the whole community.

There may be many token holders who are not able to understand the concept or can’t adjust to the financial changes globally, but we promise that it will 100% make holders proud of being part of the EMO community in the earlier stages.

Technology Updates till December 2024

1. Blockchain technology will be launched in 3 phases (the process will be shared shortly); the 1st phase will be launched soon.

2. Start of the 4th Phase of Staking

3. Development (upgraded version 2.0) of mobile applications (Android and iOS)

4. Launch of EMO acceptability on EMOPAY on various online websites and offline stores

5. Launch of the decentralised exchange, EMOSWAP

Marketing Updates till December 2023

1.5% extra EMOs on purchases of 3000 EMOs and above (Birthday Month Special)

2. Claim 50 EMOs as a bonus for following social media handles and verifying your email ID on https://emopay.org/.

3. A trip to Goa as a reward had been announced for EMOPAY employees as a reward for achieving certain targets.

4. We will shift from referral marketing to mass marketing with various events and activities.

5. EMOPAY will be organising the EMO Cricket League (ECL) in 2023. Details of the league will be announced soon.

6. Development of Online Projects Already Started with EMO

a. E-Commerce

b. Recharge Portal

c. Gaming Portal (multiplayer games, casino games, etc.)

d. Fantasy Leagues

e. Movie Ticket Booking Apps

f. Health Portal

g. Food Delivery App

h. Discount Vouchers

i. Travel Portal

j. Product-Based Multi-Level Marketing

7. EMOPAY will be distributing start-up loans to entrepreneurs willing to launch their start-up with EMOPAY under certain terms and conditions. Details will be announced shortly.

We will keep you posted on all development and marketing updates in the near future. Please don’t forget to follow all our social media handles so that you don’t miss any updates and are timely updated.

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